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Highlights: Step/direction and CW/CCW control Supply DC voltage up to 80 VDC Continuous current of 6 A and peak of 15/18A. Capable of driving 25-400W brushless DC servo motors High precision; low motor heating; low motor vibration Introduction: The ACS series fully digital AC servo drives are developed with 32-bit DSP control technology based on [...]

Highlights: Brushless construction Reliable industrial quality Resolution of the integrated encoders optional NEMA23 frame sizes Rated power from 25 W to 180 W Standard cabling options for direct connection to the ACS series drives Introduction: Leadshine’s  BLM  series  motors  are  highly  cost-effective  brushless  DC  servo motors. Rated speed of BLM series motors is 3000 rpm.  [...]

Highlights: Advanced DSP control technology Step & direction, or CW/CCW control 18 to 80 VDC supply range Up to 10 A continuous and 20 A peak current Continuous output power up to 400W Opto-isolated inputs Capable driving servo motors with single-ended or differential signals Tuning software tuning for optimal performance Introduction: Leadshine DCS series drives [...]

Highlights: Reliable quality Available power in 50W, 80W, and 120W Peak torque from Integrated 1,000-line differential-ended encoders. 500-line optional. High precision; low motor heating; smooth movement 54 mm framesize compatible with Pittman 14000 series; NEMA 23 optional Introduction: Leadshine DCM series brushed DC servo motors are made of high quality materials. They are at industrial [...]

Highlights: Servo motors integrated with high performance servo drives Minimized cabling Low cost Peak speed of 4,000 RPM Power up to 180W High precision, quiet and smooth motion Compact size and easy installation Introduction: Leadshine iSV series integrated brushless servo motors are highly integrated servo systems at very competitive costs. An iSV series integrated servo [...]

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