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Highlights: Reliable quality Easy to connect Various cable lengths Introduction: To make wiring and connecting easier, Leadshine offers various types of cables, connectors, and breakout board for its motion controllers. These accessories can help the users to build or test their motion control systems in a quick and easy way.

Highlights: 32-bit PCI Bus, plug and play 4-axis 28-bit counters, up to 5 MHz (X4 is 20 MHz) Counters for quadrature AB phase encoder or general purpose up/down counter Supports differential and single-ended inputs Latches 4 axes’ positions by 2 triggers with interrupt function Auxiliary +5V encoder supply 32 DI and 32 DO, 32 of [...]

Highlights: 4 axis motion controllers for step and direction control of stepper and servo systems. 32-bit PCI-Bus plug and play High performance for linear interpolation and circular interpolation Trapezoidal and S-curve velocity profiles Demo software for verifying and testing a motion control system Free motion libraries supporting Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/7 Supporting programming languages like Leadshine Basic, [...]

Highlights: Support BASIC or G code in stand-alone mode High speed linear interpolation and circular interpolation Multi-axis continuous interpolation Support touch screen and USB flash disk, easy-to-use Ethernet motion controller available, supports multiple masters and slaves Introduction: Leadshine is distinguished from others by providing motion controllers that are highly reliable, cost-effective, and  easy-to-use.  Leadshine’s SMC [...]

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