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CCD Visual Dispensing Platforms

Cabinet type CCD visual      Fully automatic LED package dispensing machine 10 technical difficulties 1 , inaccurate dispensing time control leads to unstable dispensing; 2 , factory gas source fluctuations, the amount of dispensing is unstable due to gas source fluctuation; 3 , within the syringe variation results in inconsistent glue dispensing volume; 4 , during the dispensing needle with plastic, resulting in inconsistent dispensing [...]

Desktop CCD vision automatic dispensing our superior equipment and process services high-definition camera and lens; the United States Loctite controller, the glue is uniform; aluminum profile molding structure, solid, beautiful, temperature, high precision; single-chip control + handheld box programming, simple and practical, full-featured, efficient use; Japan’s Shinano Motor, Taiwan’s silver rail, Germany’s Omron Optoelectronics, Japan’s [...]

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