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Product Feature: 1.Panel support can be chosen for the installation of regulator with independent use in pipeline. 2.The structure is delicate and compact, which is convenient for installation and application. 3.The performance of pressure adjustment is reliable and steady. 4.In addition to  standard type, lower pressure type is optional (The highest adjustable pressure is 0.4 [...]

Product Feature: 1. Larger measurement range. 2. Single button to finish learning setting. 3. Normally close and normally open can be exchanged. 4. Easy to install. Specification: Installation & Usage: 2. Function operation: 2.1. Quick setting:Press the SET button for less then two seconds to finish quick setting. 2.2. Middle valve setting:Press the SET button [...]

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Specification: Installation & Usage: 1. Do not drop ? knock or apply excessive impact while handling. Otherwisecould cause damage and a malfunction. 2. The tensile strength of the cord is 60N. Applying a greater pulling force on it can cause a malfunction. 3. Do not exceed the screw-in torque of 7N.m when installing piping.Exceeding this [...]

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Product Feature: 1.It has sensitive reaction and can work under low pressure. 2.The displayed words in the dial are clear and there are several pressure units to be ed. 3.There are several installation ways and installing accessories to be ed. 4.Various dimensions of screw thread are available. Specification: Ordering Code:           [...]

Product Feature: 1. Back pressure structure, compact type, cost-effective, installation time saving. 2. Broad regulating range; low-pressure type is optional other than the standard type; stable output pressure; applicable to situation which has low expectation on output pressure but high expectation on performance and cost-effectiveness. 3. Single unit installation; easy to mount Specification: Installation & [...]

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