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Highlights: Step & direction or CW/CCW control Advanced DSP-based current control algorithm Low-middle speed anti-resonance Extra low noise; extra low motor heating; smooth motor movement Easy setup via DIP switches for microstepping resolution and output current Free software for fine tuning, output current, resolutions… Automatic stepper motor identification and self configuration Introduction: Leadshine’s DM series digital stepper [...]

Highlights: Support CiA 301/402 communication protocols Maximum communication rate of 1 Mbps Simplicity & High reliability High compatibility with popular CANopen master controllers Max 80 VDC input voltage Max 8.2A output current Power NEMA 8-42 stepper motors Excellent performance Hig reliability Lower cost Introduction: Leadshine EM-CAN series consists of stepper drives with CANopencommunication bus supporting [...]

Highlights: Step & Direction or CW/CCW control types Excellent torque performance (10-25% over Leadshine DM series) Convenient control command smoothing Fault output Powering stepper motors of NEMA 8,11,14,23,24,34 Simple setup CE certified and RoHS compliant Installation compatible with Leadshine DM, EM, M, and ND series   Introduction: Leadshine EM-S Series consists of stepper drives upgraded [...]

Highlights: Standard Isolated RS485 Modbus HMI, PLC or External I/O start motion 7 Programmable Inputs: Limit, Origin, Quick stop, Alarm reset, Enable, JOG or Position Table inputs 3 Programmable Outputs: Alarm, Brake, Homing / Instruction / Path complete Modes of Operation: Velocity, Position, Homing Support Functions: Teaching, Interrupt, Skip, Suspend, Circulate motion Matching Motors: NEMA8, [...]

Highlights: Support CoE control and CiA 402 protocols Maximum communication rate of 100 Mbps Simplicity & High reliability Max 80VDC input voltage Max 7.0A output current Power Nema 8-34 stepper motors Excellent performance High reliability Competitive cost Introduction: Leadshine EM3E series consists of stepper drives with EtherCAT communication bus supporting standard CoE control and CiA [...]

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